Hello everyone!

Today’s craft is showing you how to create a cute Mistletoe piece with your child.

All the supplies you need I found at Walmart.
I like to shop at Walmart because it’s close by and I can order my supplies online and pick them up.


  • https://www.walmart.com/ip/Apple-Barrel-Multi-Surface-Candy-Apple-Acrylic-Paint-2-Fl-Oz/118516337 (choose White, Crisp Green, Christmas Green and Real Green)
  • https://www.walmart.com/ip/Nour-8500-D1-Paint-Brush-1-in-Foam-Polyester/23217901
  • https://www.walmart.com/search/?cat_id=1334134&facet=brand%3AElmer%27s&query=paint+markers&typeahead=paint+ma
    (Choose Green and Red)
  • https://www.walmart.com/ip/Daler-Rowney-Simply-6-x-6-3D-Stretched-Canvas-Pack-4-Piece/23745166


Once you have all your items ready, it’s time to get started!!

I had my son sit in his high chair because he was really antsy to just go and play, so this helped me to complete the project.

I started by using a pencil to trace my mistletoe and berries so I could vision where my son would be putting his feet on the canvas.

Once I completed this step, I put Crisp Green on a sponge or brush and painted the leaves.

I opened the Green Painters Marker and outlined the leaves and used the Red Painters Marker for the berries.
Use the white and a toothpick to create the shine on the berries

Now this is the fun part so grab your paper plate and the Real Green paint and pour some onto the plate.
Grab the sponge and your child foot and start painting those piggies!!  My son was laughing, confused and unsure why I was doing this but it all turned out great..check out below.

Do the same step on the other foot and use the Red Markers Pen to add your child’s name, the year and MISTLETOES!!



Daniel was little wiggly so his one foot is a bit bigger but who is gonna care when they see those cute toes on this canvas!

I hope you had fun recreating this project and as always follow me on Instagram by clicking the Icon at the end of the page to keep up with more crafts!